The topic of the day globally is diversity, equity and inclusion.

Why does diversity matter?

People love problems that they can see. If you want to build a global success story you need as many viewpoints as possible. This is where the importance of diversity comes in - in the long run it leads to more profitable outcomes.

What does this mean to your company culture?

A team needs to have a common mission, goals and values. Any team needs to be going to the same direction. Diverse and inclusive company culture makes it possible for everyone to be their real self, an individual. The person chosen for any post or project, is always chosen due to skills and expertise.

What is the problem?

Women and other minorities have abandoned technical fields, which leads to significant long-term socio-economic and financial impacts. International thinking and understanding is needed in the workplace, whenever one wants to build global success stories. The biggest challenges in the world are climate change and human rights. These challenges can be solved by using technology, but if only certain people are solving the issue we are wasting most of the other talent and potential away. Solving these problems requires as diverse group of people as possible with different backgrounds and from different stage of life. (State of European Tech 2018). Read more.

Don't add too much diversity debt

Diversity debt is a debt happening from the lack of diversity. It is similar to technical debt, that is created when not enough resources are put to a certain part of project, and it cumulates as a problem later. This is what happens with diversity debt, too. The bigger the team and the firm, more resources are needed to build a diverse team. In the early stage companies the recruiting often happens from close networks. It leads to a homogenous group and company culture, that is difficult to change later.

How does the campaign work?

With metrics, we are able to know where we are today and how to improve. By learning from each other and having this conversation we can move onward. The website lifts up examples of working and non-working solutions, problems, and successes. Send us a tip!

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